African Sign Languages Committee

The WOCAL Committee on African Sign Languages (CASL) was established to provide continuity between WOCAL conferences and to liaise with the Local WOCAL Committee to organize the African Sign Languages Workshop (held at every WOCAL since 2008). Contact the committee at this address:

The constitution governing the Committee can be found here.

Committee Member (2018-2021)Role
Evans N. Burichani (Kenya)Chair
Yédê Adama Sanogo (Ivory Coast)Vice Chair
Hope E. Morgan (Netherlands)Secretary
Victoria Nyst (Netherlands)Local Committee Liaison
Yves Beosso (Chad)PR, Member-at-large

The next (5th) WOCAL African Sign Languages Workshop will be held in Leiden, Netherlands in the summer of 2021. The Call for Papers will be posted in mid-2020. This will be the 5th consecutive Workshop dedicated to sign languages and signing communities in Africa. Past workshops are listed below.

List of PhD theses on sign languages & deaf communities in Africa

4th African sign languages workshop • Rabat, Morocco at WOCAL 9 (Aug. 2018)

Some of the workshop attendees in Rabat

3rd African sign languages workshop • Kyoto, Japan at WOCAL 8 (Aug. 2015)

Workshop attendees in Kyoto

2nd African sign languages workshop • Buea, Cameroon at WOCAL 7 (Aug. 2012)

1st African sign languages workshop • Cologne, Germany at WOCAL 6 (Aug. 2009)